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Picspam: Lay Down Your Burdens, I & II
 Yay, I finally got it to work! It's a two-parter episode, so there's a lot of stuff. Blogger and LJ may have balked in the face of my picspamming skills, but Blogger finally caved in and let me post it. 


Right now, I'm having problems with both LJ and Blogger. LJ loses my images and Blogger posts them but won't let me add text or edit anything. The picspam goes up once I get either site to cooperate. My apologies. 

So we're done with season 2. This time, we're taking a longer hiatus of four weeks. So the next rewatch date is Wednesday, 10th of March. All conversation threads are still open if someone's catching up during the hiatus. The 2.5 deleted scenes post by Nicole is coming soon. Warning for extra painful Gina scenes applies. 

As you may have noticed, I'm always a bit late with the picspams, so I'm hoping to rewatch a bit during the hiatus and work on them ahead of time. I'm also open to anyone else doing picspams/recaps/questions, so let me know if you'd like to contribute. All episodes are up for grabs. 

Have a James- and Tricia-filled February! :) 

Questions: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I & II
 So, we're at the end of season two! Nicole and I need to step into the back room for a bit to discuss the length of the hiatus this time and how we do with season three. Before that, we'll get Nicole's patented Deleted Scenes Post (tm). 

I've enjoyed working on this season and hearing all your thoughts. We're a smart bunch of ladies (any gentlemen here?). 

As usual, the picspam will appear in my blog in a few days. 


Do you approve of Laura's decision to rig the election, under the circumstances? Does this change the hero/villain setup?

Gaius' reaction to the destruction of Cloud Nine: is it grief over Gina, or guilt over his part in it, or both?

What do you think of Gina's use of the bomb compared to Caprica Six's use of the codes? Is it a betrayal of him? If so, which betrayal is worse? 

The cylon occupation: All Gaius' fault or not all Gaius' fault?

Do you think Gaius has been seeing HeadSix through this year, or is this her first appearance in a while? 

[I edited out a question bc I'm really not sure what he said to the cylons :D I haven't had a chance to watch the ep yet. *bad admin*] 

Your thoughts on the Gaius/Caprica reunion?

"I surrender."
Does Gaius have a choice? Could the humans have resisted and still survived?

Downloaded Picspam / Next Week
i am my world
For the Downloaded picspam, head this way. It's a beautiful episode with lots of beautiful imagery, and I thoroughly enjoyed James as HeadBaltar. My only regret is that it was the only episode ever from the cylon point of view. 
I have a translation project due on Wednesday, so I suggest we take the week off. Unless someone else wants to recap/picspam/question the eps? Since it's a two-parter, it might not be a bad idea to have one week off to catch up, though. 

James and Tricia on everyone! :) 

Questions: Downloaded
OMG, I love this episode so much. I might end up doing a 200+ picture picspam or whatever, we'll see. It'll probably be in my blog again in a few days.  LiveJournal will not let me copy/paste or post photos still. Well, I don't need you, LJ! I've got Blogspot! (Actually it might not be smart to say that in public.) 

There's a whole subplot with Gaius, Gina and Six, and I added a question about it. But it's not on everyone's DVDs - including mine, sigh, tho I do have them from someone's dl - so it'll be featured in the s2.5 deleteds post. 

Questions: When you first saw this (assuming you weren't spoiled), did you think Head!Baltar was Cylon!Gaius? If so, were you happy or sad about it? 

I hope this doesnt' sound too much like a uni essay question, but...
What do you think are the basic similarities and differences between HeadSix and HeadBaltar? Which one do you, as a viewer, enjoy more? 

Does Caprica really believe Gaius would have loved her eventually? (I mean, he did, but he had to change quite a bit..)

They want Sharon to move out, but they never mention where. How do you imagine cylons lived on Caprica? Dorms? Bunkers? Regular apartments? 

"Life is short but the next one's not. Let your heart drift and your sould will get caught."
What, if anything, is this supposed to mean? 

Do you think there's a separate love affair going on between Caprica and HeadBaltar, as well as Gaius and HeadSix? (Nicole, I expect you to answer since you wrote that fic where the head/real person couples had kids :D) 

Did Caprica and Sharon's cooperation really lead to anything? 

Bonus: the deleted scenes. Do you think that, if Hera hadn't been kidnapped by Roslin, Gaius and the cylons would have succeeded in smuggling her out of the ship? If so, would it have changed the outcome of the series? I

The Black Market / The Captain's Hand Picspam
i am my world
The picspam for The Black Market/ The Captain's Hand has been posted into my blog today. Humorous (?) commentary included. 

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to get more hits to my blog. LiveJournal just won't let me post images for whatever reason. 

Questions: The Black Market / The Captain's Hand
these bitches
LiveJournal still hates my pictures for no apparent reason, so the picspam will appear in my blog tomorrow. 

We jump over the Gaius and Six-less, and therefore meaningless, Scar and Sacrifice. Next week: Downloaded. I can't think of all that many questions about The Black Market (Incidentally, I'm one of those fans who hated that episode.). If you have any additional thoughts on that ep, um, please do share them. 

Why don't Gaius and Laura confront each other about what they know? (the letter, the vision about Gaius/Six) How do you think Gaius would react if she told him what she saw?

If Gaius hadn't read Laura's letter, do you think he would step down from politics?  

Why does HeadSix NOT appear when Gaius is talking to Zarek? 

Do you think he's telling Laura the truth about the humanity's survival figures - or just pulling it out of his hat to impress/defy her? 

What are Gaius' motivations for running for president? 

How did they manage to make FOUR episodes without Gina?!!! Arrrghh. 

Epiphanies: Picspam Link
 OK, LiveJournal is refusing to cooperate with me on this, so this week's picspam - which is also very late, my apologies - is hosted in my blog instead. Link: 


Btw, I've been manually cropping every image so far, and I've just now realized you can take screencaps directly on VLC player. D'oh! So from now on I might not be quite as tardy with these posts. (Or I'll just need a new excuse.) 

If anyone has a solution to my picture uploading problem (i.e. you might be able to upload one or two pictures but then it starts to jam and upload blank ones), please let me know.

Questions: Epiphanies

I know the schedule said Epiphanies + Black Market, but I realize Epiphanies has so much Gaius and Six that we'd best have it as a standalone, if only because I have Gaius Baltar's self discipline when it comes to picspamming. I already have to weed it down from about 70 screenshots. (LiveJournal is being buggy with picture uploading, so the picspam will come up when the gods of LJ allow it.) 
So it's Black Market + The Captain's Hand next week. 

I was kind of surprised this ep had so much Gaius and Six. Gaius is in almost every scene and usually with HeadSix or Gina, and we have a lot of interesting interactions here. I'm already sad the Gina storyline will end soon, I realize I'm quite fond of her. 

Here are the questions, again quite many, pick any one(s) you  like and ignore the rest. 


Why does Gaius save Laura Roslin? To save her, or to not have to be president, or for something else? 

"I will not be responsible for the destruction of mankind."
What is he saying? Is he washing his hands of his role in the destruction of mankind? Does he see himself as not responsible? 

"Your intelligence is unlevened by compassion."
Do you agree with Laura here? Has she ever seen Gaius exhibit compassion? Do you think the letter is nasty and offensive or just challenging and helpful? 

What did Gaius think he'd achieve by giving Gina the nuclear warhead? I remember this coming up in a conversation about Gaius' conscience on SyFy. What, if anything, do you think this scene says about his conscience? 

Bonus: Gaius kissing Gina/ Gina biting him in the mouth - most painful James/Tricia scene ever? 

Picspam: Resurrection Ship I & II
cry close

In case you're asking: why so few shots of Gina and so many of HeadSix? 
1. I'm a sexual being. And Tricia was so hot in this scene I could barely contain myself from screencapping every second of it. 

2. I guess you all know I'm a huge James Callis fan, but I also ADORE Tricia Helfer. She's a great actress and gorgeous and seems like such a kind person. Seeing her kicked and bruised and everything... is really painful. I almost burst into tears watching Gina being kicked by Cain and all that. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, so... 

Lots of HeadSix and Gaius, a bit of GinaCollapse )