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futurama: bender evil laugh
kixxa wrote in bsg_journeyhome

Hello and welcome to BSG_JourneyHome, a BSG community which has a primary and unabashed focus on Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six and their respective journeys from guilt to redemption, and (not to get too soppy here) from denial to love. As well as Gaius and Six, we'll also be focusing on those whose lives they touch and those that influence them, persecute them, and who hinder and help, as Gaius and Six make their choices on the long journey home.

Starting on 2 September, we will be watching one episode per week (on Wednesday) which will be open to comment and discussion for the week after. I'm not sure if we'll be watching the whole mini at first, I've gotta go check with my homeys... Watch this space!

So, join up if you want to follow Gaius and Caprica as they navigate their way through a host of complex and morally ambiguous issues. You'd better strap on your seatbelts, cause it's gonna be a very bumpy ride!

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I'm new to this. Do we check in here?

Hi there! You can join by clicking on the "Join community" link in the upper sidebar. Either kixxa or myself will accept your membership, and then you're all set. :)

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